Swami Brahmavidyananda Saraswati

Swami Brahmavidyananda Saraswati is born and brought up in Tamilnadu, South India - is a teacher of teachers in the subject of Vedanta.

After his graduation in engineering, he was working as a lecturer in college. Because of his thirst in knowledge he gave up all other pursuits except Vedanta and started to study under Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Swamiji initiated him into sanyasa (monk) life and later he was the Acarya (master) of three years residential Vedanta course at Swami Dayananda ashram, Rishikesh. Having vast knowledge in Sanskrit, Vedanta and Yoga philosophy, currently residing in South India and conducting his classes.


Sonia Silva Novaes

Sonia Novaes is born in Brasil and completed her degree in Philosophy at the PUC Campinas/Sao Paulo. She started her studies in Oriental Philosophy and Yoga with Swami Vagishananda and Andres De Nuccio at the age of 18 .

In 2003, she moved to India to study with her teacher Swami Dayananda Saraswati. She completed a three-year residential course in Vedanta, Sansktit and Vedic chanting in Rishikesh in Swami Dayanada Ashram with Swami Brahmavidyananda. She has visited many holy places in India and studied in the Himalayas and in South India, to deepen her knowledge of Vedic culture and tradition. She has been practising yoga in Rishikesh with teachers from different traditions, like Nanda Kumar, Surinder Singh, Usha Devi and in Shivananda Ashram.

Today Sonia lives in Rishikesh - North India with her family. She dedicates her life to her family, Yoga and the study and teaching of Vedanta, Sanskrit, Mantras, Vedic chanting and Indian Culture in Brazil and India.